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Welcome to the DiscFits

Beginner-friendly co-ed pick-up game that has been going on since many years; age range is from teenagers to folks in their 50s.

We're all about having fun and exercise. We don't keep track of any score. If you can do a basic frisbee throw, you're good to go - we'll teach you everything else. Just come by and approach anyone, we will include you and match you with someone at your level/speed/age.

We have a few more serious players, too, and mostly do 1-on-1 defense so you usually will be matched with someone your own ability and speed.

Sundays are usually more busy, sometimes with kids included. Friday games are sometimes cancelled due to lack of players - ask to be put on our Teamsnap list to get notices about cancellations and field changes.

If no one's there at the start time, please wait 15 minutes - most folks are not on time.

If weekday games are on a public holiday, start time is 10am.

Our usual play times:

  • Fridays 9am - Krusi Park
  • Sundays 10am - Krusi Park (if Krusi Park is occupied, we will move to the grass area next to the Bay Farm Ferry terminal)

We will announce time/location changes and game cancellations via Teamsnap, so please sign up even if you plan to come only occasionally. Send a message to the team owner (link on the right) to get added to the roster.

Games may be cancelled if not enough players sign up (especially on weekday mornings).

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